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We serve key markets in electric vehicles, aerospace, and

data centers, offering cutting-edge power management solutions.


Electric Vehicles

SIGMA Controllers offer up to 99% power transfer efficiency, high-power density, and are easily adaptable for RD hardened requirements, making them ideal for EV OBC’ and Industrial / home EV chargers. Licensees can benefit from reduced costs plus enhanced performance with sustainability.

Aerospace & Satellite

With features like environmental robustness and high MTBF, Mil spec packaged SIGMA Controllers will be perfectly suited for aerospace applications, meeting stringent requirements for radiation hardening and extreme temperatures.


5G Telecommunications

SIGMA's long MTBF and reliability make it a perfect fit for the 5G telecommunications sector, ensuring uninterrupted network uptime.

Data Centers

Achieve up to 99% efficient power delivery to servers operating 24/7, reducing tons of CO2 emissions and increasing carbon credits.


Advanced Solar
Power Generation

SIGMA embedded with GaN enables power generators to deliver more sun or wind-generated power regardless of extreme temperatures, making it ideal for the distributed power generation and storage sector.

Industrial Robots/AI

SIGMA meets the needs of industrial robots and AI equipment, enabling reduced downtime and improved efficiency. High efficiency internal D-D converters for mobile AI reduce frequent recharging requirements.


LED and
Advanced Lighting

SIGMA's simplified designs provide long-life, improved reliability, and ruggedness for outdoor and harsh environment operation of LED lighting.

Application Concepts

Explore conceptual designs that showcase the transformative potential of our modular, scalable technology. Featuring embedded SIGMA Controllers and cutting-edge GaN technology, our solutions are poised to revolutionize a wide range of EV charger markets—from On-Board Chargers (OBCs) to Mid-range Chargers and DC Superchargers.

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