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Our expert team specializes in innovative power management

solutions for electric vehicles, aerospace, and data centers.

Robert Taylor

"Robert Taylor, our esteemed CEO, brings a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years in the realm of technology licensing, specifically in semiconductors and power electronic systems. A visionary leader, Robert has served on the board of directors for LEIS Industries Ltd. (TSX-Listed). He co-founded MegaHertz Power Sources Inc. in Nevada before establishing Mega Hertz Power Systems Ltd. to commercialize IoT product applications. Under his expert guidance, Mega Hertz and its associated companies have become active supporters of GaNPower’s power electronic system design initiatives."

Sat Samra
VP of Business Development

“Sat Samra, our Vice President of Business Development, has been a cornerstone at Mega Hertz Power Systems, where he has been instrumental in commercializing power conversion technologies and establishing key partnerships. An accomplished executive, Sat also serves as CEO of Prometheus Technologies Inc., focusing on reshoring the U.S. supply chain for GaN semiconductors. He also led Smart Home Devices Ltd., securing both venture capital and multiple patents. Sat holds a B.A. in Economics from Simon Fraser University and several professional financial planning designations."

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