MCubes™ provide cost effective miniaturization requiring no additional heat sinks for use up to 60ºC ambient temperatures. MCubes™ deliver either Constant Voltage(CV) or Constant Current(CC) output. MCubes™ save by reducing system PCB cost, engineering expenses, regulatory time and approval cost. MCube’s™ are fully isolated, water resistant and easy to use. MCubes™ are built to suit customer applications for specific requirements. MCubes™ can be purchased directly or contract manufactured under license in either North America or Asia. 

   MPS88 Controller

MegaHertz Power System Ltd.(MHPS)  low cost Fly-back Power Supply is supported by an ultra lowcost Green PWM Power controller. Resulting designs complies with CEC and Level V Energy Star 2008 Standards. PMIC's are suitable for use within primary or secondary regulated single range or universal input off-line switch mode power supplies. When incorporated in the MHPS patented Adaptive Fly-back switching topology it provides many significant advantages over competing technologies. In short, it provides the lowest manufacturing costs, highest average operating efficiencies under all operating conditions, in the smallest open frame or enclosed configurations over applications requiring 1-15 watts of power.Encapsulated in a miniature Bi-Polar SOT23-6 package, the MHPS88 enables true Green Power operation. When employed in the novel MPS adaptive Fly-back 4:1 wide range input, patented topology, the IC effectively supports a variety of implementations for complete Single Range or Universal Input Wall and Desk-top adapters, power supplies, battery chargers, linear transformer replacements, bias supplies, LED lighting power supplies, DC-DC converters, or stand by SMPS, with just a few external components.OEM manufacturers can now inventory one superior component where other vendors would require a variety of different ICs. The MHPS88 IC controller together with MHPS proprietary Fly- back topology can reduce the cost of ownership and time to market through supporting multiple design platforms, agency files, and magnetic components with one common design approach. 


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